(( i didnt forget about this fucker right hurr either ))

Since Bell's regions are here, do you want your to come too?

This’ll sound mean, but no I don’t. They’re cool and all I guess but there’s like what…thirteen of them? That’s too many.

NED MARRY ME <444333


I’m okay, thanks for offering though.

((let’s compare how my art has changed since i started this blog))

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M!A: You can't be a man again, only if you kiss 2p Male!Belarus

Fuck. Ok. Fine. I’ll give him the smooch of his life if it means I can have a penis again—

do you watch yaoi? (ic)

nO why would I do that

((only 12 layers and a lot of textures))

((only 12 layers and a lot of textures))

((idk what im doing any more )

Woah, Ned, you too?


Yeah but you turned out better looking than I did, that’s for sure! :I

I'm Ned and I'm a "2P"
...whatever that is.

M!Anon(s): N/A
Relationship Status: Single

Event(s): N/A